Training & Education

We provide training and education programs directly targeted to your organization’s needs. Praxis HR’s training and education programs are designed to help individuals and teams acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities to improve performance levels throughout the organization.

Training Needs Analysis

We begin by determining if training is the best solution to optimize both individual and team performance. We help you develop a needs analysis to gain understanding of your organization’s performance requirements and any gaps in knowledge and skills that may exist.

Training Design & Development

Praxis HR designs and develops training that supports goals. To do this, we help you determine course content and objectives, training delivery alternatives, and implementation strategies.

Training Facilitation

Training Facilitation motivates employees to learn new techniques and drive new outcomes by delivering relevant, interactive, and learner-focused training. Praxis HR delivers training seminars and workshops that incorporate adult learning principles, learning styles, and learning needs. 


Praxis HR delivers courses on a variety of subjects, tailored for each of our clients. Individuals and teams master the knowledge base that applies specifically to their situations so they can do their best work and get the best outcomes.

Our approach to training is flexible; we can teach onsite or offsite and vary class size, teaching methods, and subject matter according to your organization’s needs.

Can Praxis HR help you increase your organization’s effectiveness and viability?

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