Organizational Development

Organizational development requires both personal and organizational change. At Praxis HR we help you develop the capacity to increase organizational and individual effectiveness not only to resolve immediate problems but long-term issues as well. We help our clients improve performance, fine-tune organizational functioning, and navigate change in a way that allows you to achieve your goals.

Organizational Assessment

We provide a clear view of your organization’s current vitality by examining the levers that drive performance and achieve long-term effectiveness. We help you gain a clear understanding of all the factors that define your organization’s overall performance: leadership, culture, climate, roles, behaviors, processes and decision-making structures. Our methods include personal interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, process analysis, and management and leadership style assessments. We provide data driven recommendations that lead directly to organizational performance improvement.

Strategic Planning

We help you determine your short- and long-term goals and objectives and work with your management team and staff to design an action-specific strategic plan that offers the best fit between your organization and its external environment. This allows organization members to avoid ineffective past practices, navigate the present situation, and focus on the future. 

Change & Transition Management

We help you better manage complex transitions; we study the dynamics of change within your organization, evaluate change-management capabilities and outcomes, and then help you to implement the change and transition strategies you need to have in place to ensure success. 


Diversity & Inclusion

We partner with you to develop and implement sustainable diversity and inclusion solutions linked to your business goals. Our first step is to understand your strategic goals and help you discover how diversity and inclusion can become a competitive advantage. Our approach goes beyond a by-the-numbers solution by working with you to determine ways to use the perspectives and experiences of different groups to improve performance and create an inclusive workplace.    

Retreat Design & Facilitation

Retreats provide an opportunity for organizations to explore and address significant concerns, stimulate change, correct course or transform their organizational culture. Praxis HR partners with you to determine the kind of retreat that you need to convene — leadership, board, department, interdepartmental — and helps you design and structure the most effective session elements for meeting your goals. Our talented and experienced facilitators help you manage the learning process so that complex topics can be discussed and participants can explore issues, interests and objectives in a stimulating atmosphere.


Praxis HR can help you increase your organization’s effectiveness and sustainability. Call at 206.501.4350, send us an email, or connect here to learn how we can help you to achieve the positive results you need and expect.