How We Work

We help you identify and implement human resources and organizational development strategies that maintain peak performance. We also help you perfect the right tactics for their success.

Our approach helps you identify your strengths and opportunities. Praxis HR converts that information into actionable recommendations that bring positive outcomes.

Phase 1: Meticulous Analysis

Investigation/Assessment — we identify specific elements at the individual, team and organizational level that add to or detract from your overall objectives. These elements are studied in order to determine their functioning within the larger system and how they might be modified and improved.

Phase 2: Thoughtful Synthesis

Recommendations/Implementation — we benchmark performance against your stated goals, provide specific recommendations on issues like strategy, talent management, culture, leadership, structure and skill development. Then we coach you through the challenges of making changes necessary to elevate effectiveness, repair dysfunction and achieve greater results.

Phase 3: Strategic Reflection

Reassessment/Refinement — this is a critical aspect of the Praxis HR approach. Our recommendations must achieve their purposes and enhance performance. If better results can be realized through minor adjustments, we refine our recommendations to optimize performance.