Leadership Coaching

Leadership in action is different from leadership in theory. A leader must make decisions in the real world—the one where the spirit of the plan, not the letter, comes first.

At Praxis HR, we have learned that leadership is never static. Results may be verified and reported but the leadership process is one of constant change.

Dialogue, observation and the support from our coaching team can help you navigate your leadership challenges, discover your strengths, and sharpen your skills to enhance your leadership effectiveness.

Coaching is a collaborative effort.

We customize our coaching approach to fit your specific needs, your current and future priorities and your leadership and organizational goals. You work with your real life business situations and challenges to enhance self-awareness, enhance leadership skills, and solve difficult problems.

Praxis HR’s coaching method

We partner with you in an interactive process that uses dialogue, inquiry, reflection, and feedback to help you discover your strengths and resilience, identify goals, and take action to achieve them.

We can also help you energize your leadership teams by coaching team members to constructively manage team dynamics, develop greater trust, and focus on common goals. Teams learn to acquire the skills they’ll need to become highly effective problem solvers and respected leaders.

Can Praxis HR help you increase your organization’s effectiveness and viability?

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