About us

Building a relationship with Praxis HR makes sense. The return on your investment proves it. Our experienced team has helped organizations, their leaders and teams, in a variety of fields, improve performance, and maintain or sustain a competitive edge. We help our clients leverage their human resources and improve organizational effectiveness to get remarkable results.

The Advantages of Working with Praxis HR

Your organization will gain immediate access to in-depth HR, leadership, organizational and business knowledge. Our tested HR and business practitioners have more than 16 years of experience working with the issues most important to your organization’s growth and development.

We offer rapid issue resolution and shorter project turn-around times. When issues are time-sensitive, you will have our full attention. Praxis HR is known for its focused, intelligent, and objective analysis of organizational issues affecting our clients’ core business objectives.

Our Principles

Praxis HR maintains the highest ethical standards of our profession and yours. We engender trust and loyalty consistent with the public interest and your success. We maintain the confidentiality of all privileged and proprietary information.

Praxis HR can help you achieve your goals and bring you the results you need and expect. Call us at 206.501.4350, email us, or connect with us here.