Talent Management


We can help you learn how to engage the best people at every level within your organization. How? We consult with and advise your leaders to encourage, ignite, and motivate individuals and teams to use their talents and abilities to their full potential for their personal and professional development for the benefit of the entire organization. 

Our method is to connect individuals and teams to the mission of the organization. We help individuals identify their role(s) in the larger picture and then maintain an emotional commitment to the organization and its goals. Our mission is to help all managers and employees become fully engaged in their efforts.

Conflict Mediation & Resolution

Praxis HR facilitates a perfected protocol that is used to interrupt unproductive communication. This allows both individuals and teams to acquire the tools to engage in useful dialogue based on common interests. We help individuals and teams identify recurring patterns of conflict, abandon ineffective communication strategies and adopt new methods intended to encourage more constructive interaction.

Performance Development

The best practices to elevate organizational performance are the result of many influences. To enhance personal and organizational performance, we help you design and implement performance management systems that permit individuals and teams to work at higher levels of sustained functioning. The result is greater productivity, more engaged employees and higher performance standards throughout the entire organization.

Succession Planning

To ensure continuity when making changes within an organization or team, bench strength is the key to effective succession planning. To ensure that employees get the professional development they need to fill key roles within your organization, we help you develop an effective succession plan. We clarify your short-and long-term business goals, and systematically identify the professional development needs of employees so that periods of transitions are seamless. 

Team Formation & Integration

Praxis HR consistently prepares teams to promote individual and collective productivity. We help you form and manage high-functioning teams by offering strategies and tools to accelerate progress toward more effective participation and performance.

HR Practices & Policies

Praxis HR advises and consults on policies and practices that support your organization’s key goals. We help you identify required outcomes and behaviors that point to success and then craft the means to help you create and support a performance-driven workforce and workplace.  

Praxis HR helps you engage with and help talented employees prepare to meet the current and future needs of your organization. Call us at 206.501.4350, send us an email or contact us to learn how you can create and maintain a talent-rich organization.