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Organizational development requires both personal and organizational change. Develop the capacity to increase organizational and individual effectiveness not only to resolve immediate problems but long-term issues as well.

Create and sustain an environment that incites greatness. We help organizations develop and implement talent management strategies and processes that are key to meeting your current and future business goals.

A leader’s decisions and actions impact everyone in an organization. As an ever-evolving leader, the advantage of objective feedback, observation and unflinching support from our coaching team can help you increase your leadership effectiveness and achieve your goals.

Build a process for meaningful training that targets your business needs. Our training and education services help individuals and teams acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities to optimize performance.

Praxis HR: Results-Driven Solutions

Praxis HR is more than just another consulting firm. When you hire us, we become your trusted advisor, a source of new ideas, and your partners in making indispensable organizational change. We begin with a careful, meticulous analysis of your current strengths and weaknesses. Our engagement ends when we have helped our clients complete their objectives and reach their goals.

We provide advice, planning, and coaching that translates into results. Our consulting group complements your management, staff and internal teams’ efforts to create winning strategies and implement effective tactical decisions. Our record of success demonstrates our commitment to provide value.

In other words, we make things happen.

And we deliver more than our clients expect. We follow up on our engagements to make certain that the changes we have helped introduce become part of your organizational culture. Not just temporary measures that make no lasting difference.

At Praxis HR, we have more than 16 years of hands-on experience in advising and assisting for profit, nonprofit, and government entities in becoming more agile, responsive and results-focused organizations. Our practice areas include:

And if you need ongoing support, we also offer Retained HR Services.

Our solutions to your organizational, leadership and team-building challenges come from our understanding of your singular circumstances and our ability to find solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs.

We listen before we plan.

We don’t believe that off-the-shelf recipes can truly meet most organizational challenges. We eliminate barriers that can’t be fully understood or anticipated by employing pro forma solutions. Our skills complement your skills. We transfer our knowledge to key players within your organization so that you can sustain and build upon the improvements we help you make.

Why engage Praxis HR? We are agile, responsive and long on experience. We have a record of creating successful outcomes. We do exactly what we say we will do, meet our deadlines and keep our promises.

We value people, focus closely on process, and use appropriate technology to deliver outstanding results that create lasting value. The heart and soul of our consulting approach is found in our ability to build strong collegial relationships and become trusted advisors with a long-term commitment to your success.

“Highly competent; Organized; Great expertise; Respected by top leadership, managers, supervisors and other employees who experience services; Timely with commitments; Integrity; Offer effective strategic and single topic assessments, recommendations, and action plans; Enjoyable and collaborative partner.”

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Meet our team

Jeff Turner

Jeff Turner Managing Partner

Jeff Turner, J.D., has extensive experience in all aspects of human resources and organizational development and has worked with firms in the U.S. and Canada in the areas of human resources, organizational development, employee relations, training, diversity and organization and leadership effectiveness.

Steve Gibbs

Steve Gibbs Partner

Steve Gibbs brings more than 12 years of organizational development, communications, project management and public affairs expertise from both the public and private sector to Praxis HR. He has skills in operations, communications, marketing, policy development and campaign management.

Renee Klink

Renee Klink Partner

Renee Klink brings more than 17 years of strategy development, issue management, communications and planning experience to Praxis HR. She has expertise in developing coalitions, designing and implementing stakeholder engagement plans, strategy development and conducting strategic analyses.

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