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Training Design & Development — design and develop training that supports goals. To do this, we help you determine course content and objectives, training delivery alternatives, and implementation strategies.

Courses — Praxis HR delivers courses on a variety of subjects, tailored for each client. Individuals and teams learn information that applies specifically to their situation so they can do their best work.
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  • Course 200: Preventing Discrimination and Harassment
    Learn more
  • Course 201: People Skills: Managing Difficult Behaviors

In some cases, a person's contribution to the company outweighs their unproductive behaviors. These individuals require a unique approach to ensure they continue to perform well without negatively affecting their coworkers and overall productivity. Learn more

  • Course 202: Employment Law for Managers

In an increasingly litigious society, managers need to know basic boundaries in various situations. Learn more

  • Course 203: The Business of Diversity and Inclusion

Learn to manage diversity and inclusion in a way that takes advantage of its inherent benefits such as out-of-the-box thinking and productive team dynamics. Learn more

  • Course 204: Hiring for Success: Effective Attraction and Selection Strategies

Having the right talent in the right job is critical to your organization's success. Learn more

  • Course 205: Retention and Engagement Strategies

Upwards of 50% of workers say salary is not the most important reason they stay with or leave a job. Learn how to keep employees satisfied and eager to contribute. Learn more

  • Course 206: Effective Conflict Resolution

Some disagreements in the workplace are positive, as it means people are exchanging ideas and strategies. But sometimes disagreements get out of hand and require that a manager step in and resolve the issue with authority and composure. Learn more

  • Course 207: Leadership Development

Even "natural" leaders can benefit from leadership training as it relates to your company's specific goals and strategies. Learn more

  • Course 208: Management Training

People are often promoted to management positions because they perform their tasks well. Managing people is an entirely different talent that many taskmasters haven't ever performed. This class is a "must" for anyone who works through others to get work done, Learn more

  • Course 209: Developing Teams

Encouraging a group's productivity involves more than cheerleading. Learn to select the right mix of people, establish ground rules, and ensure the sum is greater than its parts. Learn more

  • Course 210: Coaching

There's a fine line between supporting employees and encouraging them. Along this line is coaching. Learn when and how to use coaching techniques to supplement your management skills. Learn more

  • Course 211: Effective Performance Management

The annual review comes and goes, but ongoing performance management identifies successes and challenges as they occur, allowing employees to continuously improve and grow. Learn more

  • Course 212: Equal Employment Opportunity

The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) workshop addresses basic EEO concepts. Learn more

  • Course 213: Training Skills

Sometimes it's appropriate for a company's own managers to teach classes. But a great manager does not a great teacher make; this class goes over basic classroom presentation skills, to ensure that time is well spent and managers feel comfortable delivering the content to increase knowledge and skills. Learn more

  • Course 300: Strategic Human Resource Management

Learn the elements that make up a solid HR plan and the steps for implementing it. This interactive course goes beyond the traditional operational and administrative functions of human resources management. Learn more

  • Course 302: Conducting Effective Investigations

If you suspect an employee is breaking company policy or the law, there are certain procedures you follow to reach a quick and objective resolution. Learn more

  • Course 305: Advanced Management Training

Good managers know the basics; great managers know how to handle complex issues such as conflict resolution, employee engagement and performance coaching effectively. This class gives seasoned managers a chance to hone their skills and discover new approaches. Learn more

  • Course 306: Customer Service for Human Resources Professionals

HR touches all departments in the company, and many external forces as well. Find ways to serve each unique group. Learn more

  • Course 307: Mentoring

Having someone who is not a direct supervisor to learn from can be an invaluable part of an employee's career. But developing a worthwhile mentoring program is more than just matching up people with similar personalities and goals. Learn more

  • Course 402: Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is not a once-a-year exercise, but a way of thinking, acting and learning that should filter through every project and initiative. This course focuses on developing and implementing strategic plans that get results. Learn more

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