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"Highly competent; Organized; Great expertise; Respected by top leadership, managers, supervisors and other employees who experience services; Timely with commitments; Integrity; Offer effective strategic and single topic assessments, recommendations, and action plans; Enjoyable and collaborative partner."
Executive Director, Higher Education
"The facilitation skills of Praxis HR consultants are exceptional in a very limited time frame they were able to help our group improve significantly."
Account Manager, Corporate Development
"The best part about the work that Praxis HR did with our team was that they effectively modeled the behaviors they taught us."
Manager, Transportation Industry
"The Praxis HR team was very responsive to the uniqueness of our situation and customized their training and consulting accordingly."
Director, Higher Education
"To put it simply: Praxis HR consultants and trainers have the ability to bring very complex, detailed subjects to life by focusing on real-world business application. Our certification program attendees absolutely loved the training. Praxis HR is truly among Washington's best."
Director, Residential Care Services
"[The Praxis HR Consultant] is truly one of the most eloquent individuals I have met in our twenty years of business. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his combined legal and business experience make his advice both germane and central to our human resources issues. We always look forward to his visits. If you need help with an HR issue, I highly recommend the Praxis HR team."
President, Medical Industry
"Jeff Turner, President, Praxis HR was our closing speaker at our National Dialogue on Workplace Flexibility: Challenges and Solutions for the Healthcare Industry. He was outstanding in synthesizing all the information from healthcare industry experts on the workplace flexibility practices. The audience got a valuable "take away" from Jeff workplace flexibility must be flexible and needs to be integrated within a business' culture and practice. It can't be a program or special benefit."
Regional Administrator, U.S. Department of Labor
"When our company first made contact with Praxis HR, I knew we had found the right firm. From the beginning, Praxis HR was attentive and responsive to our needs. Praxis HR tailored an exemplary program relative to our conflict of interest needs and strategies. Praxis HR was able to create a presentation that was on point and readily understood by our employee."
President, Construction Industry
"I was very pleased with Praxis HR's responsiveness and leadership as we planned and implemented a discussion among a diverse group of participants from school districts and community colleges. The meeting went better than I could have hoped for thanks to the Praxis HR Consultant's ability to keep the conversation going using a structured protocol. I was able to fully participate in the discussion because the facilitation was handled with aplomb. Praxis HR is a great resource if you need someone experienced at facilitating a large group, no matter how tough the topic."
Executive, Education Industry
"Praxis HR has taught human resources management classes for Washington Healthcare Association since 2002. [The Praxis HR Consultant's] knowledge is outstanding and, when combined with his enthusiastic presentation style, we consistently receive requests to have him speak again! [The Consultant] and his team are professional, easy to work with, and accommodating in all regards."
Director, Health Care Association
"Praxis HR was very helpful to our organization. They took time to speak with each member of our group about their own program's issues around managing change using that organization's specific change project. They then provided training in principles of Change Management that resonated strongly with the group, and was able to use both large and small group activities that engaged participants in learning to work more effectively in their organizations. Because it was tailored to each individual, the process was quite successful in using strategies to make a real difference in each of our organizations. We have all become better leaders as a result."
Clinical Administrator, Healthcare
"Having engaged Praxis HR since 2007 on a variety of projects, I can unequivocally and enthusiastically recommend Praxis HR's competencies and effectiveness in the areas of organizational development, talent management, and training. Praxis HR has worked with us on policy development; has planned and implemented major organizational assessment projects in partnership with senior leaders; has planned and facilitated retreats, professional development programs, and mediation sessions; and has provided consulting services to the President and the President's Cabinet, to other members of the organization's leadership team, to Human Resources staff members and to individual contributors. The consultant's spectrum of know-how, expertise, and experience in these areas is unparalleled in my history of working with external strategic partners in the human resources management arena."
Associate Vice President for Human Resources, Higher Education
"Working with you was great After the meeting the members of the [group] expressed their gratitude to me for a job well done. What they were grateful for was your timely and personal presentation on leadership. The Council was very impressed with the time you spent before the presentation to gain an understanding of our group and what our needs were. As a result I heard nothing but excellent reviews of your workshop from the participants. In these exceptionally busy times we rarely take the time to develop our own skills, so having a day with you to hone in on how we can become better leaders was very satisfying. Your workshop addressed some critical thinking that this group of high-level executive leaders needed! You are an excellent presenter you engaged everyone in the group, clearly articulated the subject matter and presented relevant material. I must say that we all marveled at your ability to remember each of us by first name! The materials that you presented were very useful and timely, and the reading recommendations you made were right on target. We thank you for your insights and your exceptional leadership on the topic of leadership!"
Director, Finance and Administration
"Thanks for a great job of facilitating our school board retreat. To a person, every person there commented to me that they felt you added to the success of the day. Your facilitation skills, as well are your wonderful style and personality, made the day productive, and go by quickly."
Superintendent Executive, Education